Coach's Corner - xKhor

Coach’s Corner for Scrolls is a video series where top players review key strategies and thought processes for Scrolls (the genesis of which can be found here).

Just as a warning for you, this one's an hour and a half long and pretty epic :)

Episode 7 -

Coach: xKhor
Guild Association: Rats and Bunnies

Type: Order

Game Replay

xKhor's Top 3

1) Both decks. What deck is my opponent playing and what is it capable of? What deck am I playing and what is it capable of? Think about the matchup and how you want it to go to be able to win.

Think about it every round to try and predict how the game is going to go.

This will help you know what to sac for, which scroll to sac, what to play, what to go for on the board, etc. Basically how are you going to play the game.

2) Keeping in mind both decks, check the state of the board, what is in play in both sides.

When doing this you have to predict your opponent's movements and decide your objectives based on them and on how you planned the game to go.

What does my opponent want to do? How can I prevent him from doing it? How can I get the most profit from the situation?

And something many people doesn't do. CAN - I - WIN?

Some times is not that obvious but there's a play that would win you the game.

3) Your hand. What do you have to your avail to make your plan work and wreck your opponent's one?

Check which is the least useful card in your hand, or which one are you less likely to play in the coming rounds and sac that one.

Then play according to everything listed above. Both decks and both sides of the board.

TL;DR: Be aware of the matchup. Capabilities of your opponent's deck and capabilities of yours. -> How is the game going? How can I make it tilt my way? -> What do I have, what is less useful and what do I play to make the game go my way.

This one was especially fun to do as we went pretty in-depth.

A summary of my notes from this one:

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