Coach's Corner - Blinky

Coach’s Corner for Scrolls is a video series where top players review key strategies and thought processes for Scrolls (the genesis of which can be found here).

Episode 1 -

Time Index

Coach: Blinky
Guild Association: The Badger Guild

Type: Growth (aggro)
Deckbuild (in video):
Deckbuild (corrected):

Game Replays
Hard AI:

Blinky’s Top 3 "Turn Thinks" 1. What is my opponent trying to do (mainly looking at board) 2. What is he capable of doing (what he can do with his hand) 3. What can I do best to stop him


  1. What do I want to do
  2. What in my hand allows me to best achieve this
  3. What can my opponent do that will make this play bad

My personal learnings from this session were:

Some of these may seem like simple things, but there-in lies the whole purpose of the series - to highlight the differences in thinking and improving your own game!

I hope you get value out of this (and upcoming) videos :)

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