What is the black market and how to profit from it

What is the black market?

As of the Waypoints patch there was the exciting addition of a new feature in the store called the black market, a system for inter player trading that does not require players to be in chat or even online for the trade to take place. So apart from the black market being a cool addition to the game the question now is how you best use what can sometimes be an overwhelming and confusing system. Well a couple of ways spring to mind, you can sell your scrolls making a profit, you can buy those extra copies of scrolls for crafting and you can of course use it to buy new scrolls. So first let’s look at selling your scrolls to make a profit.

Selling scrolls

The first rule of retail is that your buyer can always be tricked into spending more than they need to, so how can you do this and get extra gold for your overpriced scrolls? This one is tricky, the best and most obvious way to make a big profit is to wait for a future update, quickly buy some new scrolls and sell them for thousands of gold before the majority of players catch up with the new Meta. The perfect example of this is the old favourite of energy players the Automata Forge. On release people went crazy with this and bought these scrolls for anywhere between 2k-20k gold. If we look at the price of this scroll on the black market now the cheapest current price is 495 gold. Sadly this classic trick cannot always work as we don’t have updates every week, however there is a second tip when selling scrolls to help you gain gold. This second tip is to simply toughen up, choose what kind of deck you want to make and sell those other good scrolls that aren’t used in your decks for gold. For example if you are building a mono growth aggro deck there is no need to hold onto your blood line taint scroll, even though this scroll was introduced two patches ago it still sells for an incredible 1579 gold on the black market. While it seems hard focusing on individual decks will allow you to play the market to your advantage by selling new or popular scrolls now and buying them again at a guaranteed lower price in the future.

Crafting via the black market

The second advantage of the market is making it easier for the player to craft high tier scrolls from cheap extra scrolls. Any player with at least 780 gold can craft three tier three Regeniture scrolls from the black market. Now you might be thinking why would I spend 780 gold on Regeniture? Well you’re not, what your doing is spending 780 gold on 39 copies of Regeniture that could not be bought cheaper than that through the store due to its random nature. Now that you can craft them why should you do this in the first place? Well playing all three copies of your tier three scroll will give you a 7.5% bonus to your gold. So let’s say you win a match and receive 230 gold, 200 for the win and 30 for destroying three idols. With this bonus you will earn an approximate extra 15 gold per game. Now this doesn’t seem like much but when you originally bought your scrolls for 20 gold from the black market you can see how quickly this pays for itself and then begins making you gold for literally doing nothing. The black market is a great way to grab cheap scrolls usually found in decks to craft and start earning those nice gold bonuses.

Buying scrolls through the black market

Finally the last and most obvious use of the black market is to buy scrolls. What is one of the best parts of the game can also be the most confusing and frustrating at times. There is something really satisfying about buying a scroll but this feeling doesn’t last when you inevitably end up spending 200 gold just to get yet another useless contraption. The black market fixes the random luck of the store with the ability to easily buy whatever scrolls you want, usually with a higher price however. Using the black market allows players to easily buy more copies of scrolls they already won to make a set of three or to buy completely new scrolls. Now as to what scrolls you buy that’s entirely up to you, though commonly a player either plays the Meta deck or tries to build a deck around the Meta. For identifying the Meta and working around it I would suggest reading a terrific article written by Blinky which covers how to identify the Meta and build around it found in the master category in the academy.

Closing words

Armed with these tips and tricks you can easily play the market to ensure you make as much gold as possible when selling scrolls, effectively manage your own gold when buying scrolls. Final notes, the black market can be confusing and overwhelming at first due to the large number of scrolls available in the small window. I highly recommend using the filters of cost and of course the search bar for quickly finding the scrolls you’re looking for.


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