Themed Decks

Themed Decks

If you're tired of your old standby deck, or you just want to try something new than you've come to the right place.

Themed decks are great way to changes thing up in between ranked matches, or to give new life to some of your old or unused scrolls.

What Is a Themed Deck?

A themed deck is a deck that is put together based on one simple idea. The idea can be as simple as, only growth cards. Or as complex as something like, Knights only.

Once you have a "Theme" you're ready to begin building you deck.

Remember, the idea here is to create a unique deck, that is not only functional, but fun. You don't want to follow the Meta or counter meta when building these decks, unless of course that is your theme!

Creating A Masterpiece

When building your deck start by, picking a few base Scrolls that fit your theme perfectly. Try adding three of each of those cards if possible to create a solid base from which to work.

Now that you have a few cards that fit the bill, you can experiment. Try throwing in scrolls that not only fit the theme but also work with in your decks composition.

Gravelock decks are a great example of this. They are built on a simple them "Gravelocks", but all synergies very well with one another. One of my favorites is a "Light" growth deck that features only small creatures, and bunnies, oh so many bunnies! I call it my "Enchanted Forest Deck". The theme keeps things interesting, and the cards work well together. Even if I lose a bunny or two in the process.....

Gravelock Deck Build

Light Growth Deck

The idea here is to create a deck that is more fun than functional, although some decks will outshine others. Just try to change things up. Add in cards you never use, or try to create something new by smashing together two of your older decks. It's totally up to you what you throw into your deck. Just remember it's all about having fun, less about building the best deck!


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