Submitting an Article for The Scrolls Academy

Submitting an Article for The Scrolls Academy

The first thing you should ask yourself is: what does a good Academy article look like?

That’s a good question - and there is no simple answer. A good Academy article is clear in its purpose and is laid out in such a manner as to be easy on the eyes of the reader.

The content of the article can be just as important as how the information is presented.

Some articles might benefit from just adding a few images to help illustrate the point and break up the blocks of text, like we see in Sysp’s article on sacrificing scrolls.

Other articles might be more technical in nature and require more detailed illustrations. A good example of that would be Blinky’s guide on unit positioning.

And don't forget, we also accept Video articles. These are great, and a good example of one of those would be the Coach's Corner series.

In general, what we are looking for are focused articles that explain one particular aspect of the game. Please feel free to browse around already existing articles to get some ideas or inspiration!

Beginner guides:

These should be short on text and high on illustration. Think "extreme basics." How does unit cooldown work? What does haste mean? How do you craft?

Intermediate guides:

A little more concept heavy than beginner guides, still with some helpful illustrations. Some examples would be: Using Pother to get the best result, how is the Library and Discard pile significant, what do people mean when they say a Scroll has "value"?

Advanced guides:

These can be very in depth and intended only for experienced or veteran players. This is where your dissertation on Pother should go!

How to use the Submission Editor

The submission editor is a simple, but very powerful tool. I will be going over the basics, but please feel free to experiment on your own. Don’t worry about getting things exactly perfect. We can always fix small errors or make little adjustments. Your content is important to us, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you. Before you get started, it's a good idea to type out your guide first in something like Notepad or Google Docs, just in case you lose your work.

Most of your work will be done inside of the Content area. Above the Content area you’ll find a toolbar with all kinds of goodies. Here, we are trying out the Heading tool. All I have done is highlighted some text, then clicked on the Heading tool which is circled above.

But wait a minute, the result is a bunch of hash marks! What gives?

This is where the Preview button comes in. You can find it on the right side of the toolbar in the content area. This is probably the most important tool available to you. After clicking it, a small popup window will open showing you the product of your efforts.

Let’s take a look.

Whoa! So that’s what the Heading tool does. Great. Let’s see what else we can do.

If you hover your mouse over each icon in the toolbar, it will tell you exactly what it will do. Here, I have highlighted some text I want to bold, and have hovered over the “B” in the toolbar to verify that it is, indeed, the Bold tool. Go ahead and hover over as many as you like and get an idea of what you have available to you.

The best way to figure it out is by trying things out and then hitting the preview button. If you find that you just can’t get it quite right - don’t worry about it. We can fix it for you. Just get it as close as you can to how you would like it.

Ok, let’s try something a little more complicated.

Here I have inserted a Picture in between some lines of text. Don’t worry about all the gibberish that placing a Picture results in - just know that it means there’s a picture there!

(NOTE: Firefox users are reporting that the Picture function is not working for them. We are working to fix this, but for best results use Google Chrome. )

So, how does this look?

Hmm, ok. This is alright, but I don’t like how my Crimson Bull fan art is placed between the text. What if I want to push it to the side and let the text wrap around it?

This is where the picture align tools come in. These are probably the most tricky to figure out - but they’re actually very simple. Simply put your cursor after the image and click one of the picture tools to add the modifier to the end. Here, I am clicking on “Picture Right” which adds {.right} to the end of where I placed the picture. Note: It is important that you place it at the end of the picture, or it won’t work.

So, how does this look?

Perfect! That’s where I wanted my Crimson Bull fan art.

Guess what? That’s pretty much it! If you have gotten this far, you already know all you need to get started.

Remember, the content is what’s important to us - but making it look nice can be just as critical.

Now get out there and teach us something, Scrolldier!




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