Strategies for Beating the Hard Trials

I'm sure you've heard from various players, that completing the trials is the fastest way to earn gold for new players. So you coast through the easy and medium trials. Piece of cake right? Unfortunately, you are now likely to hit a brick wall if you try the hard trials without certain strategies and decks. Even a master scrolldier like myself had lots of difficulties in defeating some of the hard trials. I think there are imaginary tiers that divide the hard trials. It's a fact that some are harder than others. Some I beat on my first try with a normal deck for ranked and some took may tries with a specialized deck.

Of the 29 hard trials, these are the ones I would categorize as the hardest, or expert trials.

If you aren't the guide reading type, Here is a playlist of hard trial tutorials on my YouTube channel. There are video tutorials of how I beat them for most of the hard trials.

The Puppet Soldier Horn of Ages Strategy

You may have noticed that the "expert" trials that I listed above don't include any of the "boss" trials like Mega Ogre, Infamous General, or Voided Highguard to name a few. That is because those trials are very simple to beat with certain tricks. In some of them you need to just kill the boss/es to win and in others you need to destroy 3 idols that the boss will defend. Because the bosses cannot be targeted by direct damage spells (they have Ward), you need to destroy them a different way. It can be almost impossible to kill the bosses with normal combat because they have massive health and they will attack you often to kill all of your creatures.

You need to remember that the hard trials are just the hard A.I. with huge handicaps and advantages. That means you can use tricks to outsmart the hard A.I. Experienced scrolldiers can defeat the hard A.I. in a skirmish match every time, so the hard trials might not be something you should try to tackle yet if you are having a lot of trouble beating the hard A.I. in a skirmish. The best way to trick the hard A.I. is with movement. Scrolls you should buy on the Black Market for cheap if you don't have them are Puppet Soldiers, Horns of Ages, and Pillars of Fatigue. Those three scrolls will often be enough to beat the "boss" trials because playing Horn of Ages when the "boss" is about to attack a Puppet Soldier means the "boss" can't move away so it has to destroy it and destroy itself. Pillar of Fatigues are also nice because the A.I. will be wary about moving and increasing its countdown. Warding Stone is another nice trick similar to Puppet Soldier because the boss will try not to attack that. Sometimes, these tricks are too slow to pull off before the deadly boss destroys 3 of your idols, so it might take multiple tries. I recommend putting in 3 Summons so you can draw your Puppet Soldiers/ Warding Stones more consistently. Draining Mist is another good option to have in the deck because it can buy you more time to pull of your Puppet Soldier combos.

Here is a deck to defeat many of the boss trials using these tricks.

The Buffed Waking Stones Strategy

For the trials that you can't beat with a simple deck you would use in ranked or the Puppet Soldier Horn of Ages deck above, this strategy usually works. It is for the trials where the opponent floods the board with creatures, some very strong, and you need to somehow defend your idols and win. In my opinion, these are the hardest of the hard trials. Even using this strategy, you will fail many times but it will eventually work. The idea is the get 3 Waking Stones down to protect 3 idols, buff them up with enchantments, and continuously heal them. Sounds simple right? The problem is you will often lose 3 idols because you can secure the idols with your Waking Stones. Use this strategy for trials like Protected Area and Beast Master. Click on the trial names to see this strategy in use in videos.

A deck I designed to defeat the Beast Master trial using this strategy is this. The enchantments you will want when using this strategy are Crown of Strength, Plate Armor, and most importantly, Resonant Helm so you can continuously heal the stones. You can even use Shrines, Royal Banners, and Warding Stones to turn it into a structure order deck!

The Board Clear Strategy

This strategy is to have a deck that can clear the opponent's board before they take down your idols. Trials like Locked In, Clean Swipe, and Pestilence are perfect candidates for this strategy. This is a good strategy when all you have to do is clear the opponent's board to win. Although in Pestilence you need to destroy 3 idols to win you need to clear the opponents board first to get to them.

A deck like this is a good deck for this strategy. It uses curse to amplify the damage that Quake and Frost Gale do. The Binding Roots, Dryadic Powers, and Nuru's Needles can mess us the opponents movement too. The deck revolves around curse, poison, and mass damage. You want curse and a few Frost Gales in your opening hand. It is tough to find the time to ramp up into enough Growth and Decay to pull off the board clear. If you need to destroy 3 idols to win, the Loyal Darklings can be your win condition. Although tedious and boring, Loyal Darkling/ Faith Chains win conditions work well for most of the trials.

Good Luck!

glhf, scrolldier!
The hard trials can be frustrating and boring at times. If you are getting frustrated, take a break! It can be tough on your mind to try to plow through the hard trials at one sitting. Switch up your gamemodes like trials, judgement, and ranked often so you won't get bored.
I can assure you that once you complete all of the trials and get the trial achievements you will be proud of yourself. You will truly be a master scrolldier!



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