Not So Unfair Udo

Unfair Udo

If your here you've probably tried you hand at taking on the Udo and his army of Gravelocks, to no avail. If you haven't yet jumped into the fire, then get ready for one tough trail!

The Udo doesn't mess around and will have you running scared by turn three, or four if you are not prepared.

The Set Up

In Unfair Udo you will be given a deck of growth scrolls. This deck will consists of many low cost creatures, such as the Owl, Nog, and Bunny. As well as a few more powerful creatures like the Gusty Izulr. You will also have access to a few lingering spells which, all be it, seem useful early on, are not really that important.

Your opponent will be given an energy deck filled with Gravelocks and some nasty, one off destruction spells. That can make your small, low health creatures vanish in seconds.

The Trial would have you believe that you can win by simply out matching the Udo's more costly units, with your cheaper more cost effective units. But in my experience that is very very hard to achieve, and depends so much on luck that it feels almost impossible.

let it be know that your opponents deck is far more powerful than yours, from the get go. You cannot let the trial go very long, or the Udo will simply smash you with his hoard of Gravelocks, the likes of which you cannot defeat.

Handing you the Game

The main focus of this trial is hand selection. If you can draw the right scrolls and play them in the right order, you will have a great chance of winning the match.

These scrolls, are the ones too look for!

Cards you don't want!

Undoing the Udo

Once you have the right cards in your hand. The Battle becomes a case of board control, and timing.

You'll need to keep the Udo off at least three lanes of the board. This is were a lot of luck comes into play. If the Udo can get out scrolls on his first or second turns, he will most likely take the board with out question. But with any luck, the Udo will simply skip his first two turns only sacrificing for resources.

When he does this it's time to strike. Using the mangy rat, or a buffed creature, to immediately take the middle lane of the board. This will force the Udo's units, into the far bottom, and far top lanes. Leaving the middle three lanes open.

Now that the board is cut in half you have to strike quickly. An owl buffed with Earthen Merth can plow through idols and any stray creatures, that wander into one of the lanes you are attacking. I have not tried, any other creatures, but the owl is ideally suited for this type of smash and grab tactic. If you could somehow get out two buffed owls, the Udo would be hard pressed too stop you.

After that, its a waiting game. You'll want too keep bashing away at the Udo's idols. Protect your buffed creatures from, enemies by placing sacrificial units in the front of each lane. Hope, that the Udo doesn't use a one off destruction spell that could kill your buffed units instantly.

If all goes according to plan the Udo should be defeated in around 12 turns. Any longer and he will have too many Gravelocks on the battlefield, and his chances of drawing a Destruction spell will be much greater.

Out of Luck!

In the End the Unfair Udo trial Has a lot of luck involved with it. You have to draw the right Scrolls, hope the Udo doesn't spawn creatures early, and make sure you have board control as soon as possible.

If the Udo should, use one of his Destruction spells, like spark. He could kill you're buffed creatures on the board. Ending the match in your defeat.

It may take, many tries to bring down the Unfair Udo, but it is possible. Keep restarting the trial until you draw the needed scrolls, or until the sight of the udo and his mask become too much to bear.

Take to the the Battlefield and show Udo the error of his ways!

Foot note: I have only beaten this trial by, using the strategy above. I have personally watched other strategies were the player played for more than 12 turns, and won. I could not replicate this result as the Trail relies mostly on luck.


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