Gold guide for beginners

One of the most important questions for you is probably gold. How do you earn and spend it effectively? Follow some simple rules and you will be able to build your dream decks in no time!

How do I gain gold quickly?

The easiest way to gain tons of gold with every new account, as well as getting a feel for the game, is winning the trials. Accompanying your 2000 starter gold and the rewards for completing the tutorial, you can unlock over 7500 gold from the easy and medium trials, most of which you can win with the free unlockable preconstructed decks. These are just the extra rewards, you furthermore earn gold like you would fighting Skirmishes versus the AI.

Trials, Achievements and Skirmishes are awesome to booster your wallet and casting skills early on!

Playing these you surely noticed the achievements that pop up on the side of the screen, there are 85 of them and if you take a closer look you should be easily able to complete around 30 of that, each gaining you 100 gold.

While you debate on how to invest your round about 15000 shiny new coins (look below for insider tips!), humiliate the AI and plan your assault on other players, keep an eye out for the hard trials: They are a different cup of tea than the easy and medium ones, and range from a deck building challenge to outright unfair scenarios, but they also earn you 17000 gold of extra rewards for overcoming them.

What, where and when should I buy?

Before you wander through Aescalon throwing your coins around I advise you to do two things: Unlock all 4 preconstructed decks by playing and try them out.

  1. Take a look on others decks, get to know the popular ones and the scrolls you like. The spectate menu, multiplayer and even the hard AI are good starts for that
  2. Buying random packs isn't the most efficient method to acquire scrolls and you do not yet have enough gold to rely on luck when collecting your favourite scrolls. However, if you want to expand your library slowly while gathering deckbuilding experience, buy some faction specific randoms. They make for a good compromise between packs and the market

Instead pick the deck you want to build and buy exactly the cards you need on the black market or via trading with other casters. You will find nearly all the scrolls are cheaper than in the just for you section there! Repeat this step with the next deck you want to build, repeat, repeat, repeat…

Comparing your options is always worth it. Most of the time the black market will have the best deals, but don´t disregard the store and trading

Take a look at other preconstructed decks in the store! For 5000 gold you might get a better deal than with buying cards separately.

With all your trial and achievement gold you are able to build quite a few decks if you spend it wisely. Having several solid decks on your table you are now prepared to venture forth smack some idols!

Buying randoms is only smart when you already have a good deck! After that it can be very profitable to invest into them and trade

What you do afterwards fully depends on your goals: Do you want a full collection? Every card of a faction? One of each? Maybe your goal is to craft all your favourite cards to tier 3? Go ahead, live the dream!

And after the trials?

The best way to boost your collection when the trials are done and you built a deck you are comfortable with, is jumping into multiplayer. Playing ranked games not only gives you opponents with the same skill, but also more gold than just farming the AI.

Multiplayer takes skill but rewards you for it. Judgement even more so.

Judgement, Scrolls drafting mode, is a second option. When you win your loot will be massive, but it takes skill and experience to be a good judgement player. Before reaping in rares and gold you may go home with commons for some rounds. A third very viable and fun option are tournaments. Some of them even have special scholarships for new players. These are your chance to get in touch with the community, play great multiplayer matches and maybe pick up some price money on the side.

Tricks to maximise your gold gain: 1. If possible take out more than 3 idols, you will get extra gold! 2. The ideal skirmish length is around 7 minutes (source needed) 3. Surrender when you are sure there is no comeback, there is no point dragging a game out.

Crafting: worth it?

From the gold side of things: No.

Crafting is the process of merging 3 of the same scrolls to a tier 2 scroll, displaying its statistics (games played, damage dealt, …) and merging 3 tier twos to a tier 3 scroll. This means that for a single tier 3 you need to sacrifice 9 of the same scroll. Is that worth it?

“Each Tier 3 scroll you draw during a match increases a gold multiplier. Depending on the rarity of the drawn Tier 3 scroll, this multiplier is increased by 2.5%/5%/10%. In the end, your match rewards (excluding fixed amounts such as Idol and Completion rewards) are multiplied by this amount. The maximum bonus you can get is 50%.” (wiki)

Generally, no! It would take a looong time till you regain the gold you dumped into crafting cards. It is fun though, and if you are playing only one deck over and over, it might be worth throwing some numbers around. Seeing the +X gold after each match, even if not profitable, ultimately feels satisfying.


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