Coping With Loss

Hello once again all my fellow new scrolls players. I wanted to make this a series of posts. At least while I am still a new player also! This time I wanted to focus on some common feelings and thinking we, as new players, can get after settling in from that initial feeling of fun the game brings.

Often a lot of rage, anger and general saltiness will arise after that first few days of learning and playing. Those things can then compound very quickly and before you know you it, one day you wake up and just don't play for a day, or week. This of will often lead to straight up quitting the game. A shame to have happen if the game is good. Which in the case of scrolls it is.

Notice I also said be aware, not avoid. These feels are going to happen. They are in the end human emotions and for the most part should not be avoided but understood and embraced. Some times you have to hold that loss to your chest, let it burn and learn from it.

The following are 3 thoughts and feelings we need to recognize we will have, and learn from when they come.

1. Rage from losing

This is the big one, and will no doubt come the most often. No one likes to lose and while some might take it far better then others that anger at losing will come as sure as the sunrise. You will have bad draws. You will make mistakes. The opposing player will get lucky and more times then not in a loss they will simply out play you.

Blind Rage

The key is not to lash out and linger upon that rage you feel. If you want to yell out at home you should, but going bad manners in chat is in the end only going to make you more angry. Don't feed it, let it run its self out.

Ask your self after if you could have done something different. Is it a deck problem or a player problem? what mistakes did you make? how did those mistakes add up? Learn to trust in your judgement, but understand that in the end you are new. You do not know the game well, and you are bad.

This does not mean you stay bad just always remember that for now you are a stranger in a strange land

2. Giving up before you should.

I see so many of my fellow players falling into this and i have no doubt that is connected with losing. You just had your board cleared by a top deck. The other player keeps killing your cards. 2 Idols down and a narrow chance at winning. those are just a few things that will take place a lot and you will want to toss your hands up, Smash those GG letters into chat and give up.


Take a step back when this takes place. Are you really done? Or was this just a bad turn in a otherwise still close match? You would be surprised how much 1 or 2 cards can turn hopeless into amazing. More often then not you still have some play you can make. That 1 time out of 10 you make the come back is worth not giving up and going next.

I will also say that we tend to think in terms of only what we could do to still win and not about how the other player could make a huge fumble. Remember that other person could end up making a mistake that gives you a extra turn that ends up leading to you winning. Unforced errors are a part of any competitive game and while you can't count on them you must play it out and see if they do goof up.

Play till the very end, and take pride in the fact that you do.

3. Going on tilt.

This connects to the previous two, You get angry and upset. A turn goes hard against you and you want to quit.

You start muttering about OP decks and BS luck of your opponent. You can't believe how badly you are drawing. ARE YOU KIDDING ME THAT HELLFIRE MORTAR HIT?


All of this can put you on edge quickly and cause you not think the turn out clearly. Suddenly you misjudge the math, or forget to move a creature to the right spot. It all builds up and just leads into what i have already spoken about. Compounding forces are nasty things.

It can of course also come from other players trash talking you. Grumpcat posted a nice piece on tilting in this fashion that all us new players should read. My experience of tilting in Scrolls.

What ever the case having it in you to control an emotional state in game is a key factor to better foresight and decision making. Like I said before don't avoid this, you can't. Something is going to get under your skin. Learn to recognize when you are going on tilt. Breath, take a sip of a drink if you have it. Heck you have a lot of time per turn, stand up and stretch even.

Collect yourself, reassess the situation and go from there.

In closing I just want all of us new players to see what we are clearly. NEW. We will have bumps. We will get angry. We will quit to soon. We will go on tilt. However we can see it for it is. We can embrace it and learn from it. Trail by fire is something I think is huge for any competitive. pursuit.

Get bodied. feel those emotions. Learn from it all and take pride from every little step you take. I shall see you all in game! Peace out!


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