Content Submission Guide

As Scrolls Academy is a community site, we’d like you to submit articles, guides, and other content that you think will aid the other players of Scrolls. With this in mind, we’ve come up with the following submission guidelines to help you cover all aspects of your chosen subject and display them in the best possible way.

Deck Guides - (include a deck list and a mana curve image from, and a url from

Introduction (i.e. deck type)

Mulligan choices

Deck Explanation (including combos)

General Strategy (early/mid/late game)

Good/Bad Matchups (i.e. deck’s it’s good/bad against)


Budget replacements



Video Guides - (video will be embedded in the header of the article)

Video Topic


Deck links (from and

Game Replay URL (from using the relevant mod)

Event time index e.g. - 0:00:00 - Intro to Zarc - 0:00:30 - Ladder Climb from mid-1500s to Top 10 - 0:01:25 - Avoiding Tilt - 0:02:30 - Tempo Order build - 0:07:00 - Tempo Order mindset - 0:07:21 - Match -- DavidSlain - 0:43:40 - Match -- Summary - 0:52:18 - Zarc is such a scum-bag - 0:52:40 - Playing the ladder - 0:56:39 - Wrap-up

Topic Summary


Please note: All submissions will be discussed via a thread on so please try to repond to questions and comments where possible. If you wish to edit the article then simply notify SeeMeScrollin, Blinky, Zylus, or Spiffydrew of what changes you’d like to make.


Sacrificing: Scrolls or Resources?

Which should you sacrifice for in the early stages of the game?


The Rating System

How the current rating system works (Feb 2014)


Zarc's complete guide to Midrange Growth

This guide will teach you how to play the Midrange Growth deck