Coach's Corner - SpiffyDrew

Coach’s Corner for Scrolls is a video series where top players review key strategies and thought processes for Scrolls (the genesis of which can be found here).

Episode 2 - (time index is in the description of the video)

Coach: SpiffyDrew
Guild Association (founder): The Think Tank

Type: Decay

Game Replays

SpiffyDrews's Top 3 "Turn Thinks" 1. Did I sacrifice for scrolls / resources and why do I pick either or. A lot of people fall into the trap of hitting a certain resource amount and always sac for scrolls after that point. This is good and all but if you have more resources through the mid - late game then you can cast more than one thing a turn. This is also why it is important to have some kind of draw mechanics in your deck so that you can afford to keep on building resources.

  1. Where do my units needs to be? I need to take into account idol protection, unit protection and future buffs. I normally play a reactive game until I have board control then I switch gears into high aggression. Obviously if you are playing an aggro / rush deck this is not the case but never forget about board control / presence.

  2. Counting cards...yes, counting cards. Remember what you played and how many of said scroll at all times. If you have already played your 3 focus' or 3 crimson bulls or 3 bombards and you've got 18 scrolls left then you are basically hosed till the reshuffle. Don't lose all of your "game changing" scrolls early on but if you have to because your draw is horrible then play accordingly.

Lots of take-aways from this one for me ;)

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